Monday, November 27, 2006 at 8:28 am

BNSF’s Citizens for Rail Security

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Railfan watching locomotive Railfans might be seen as a nuisance by some, but until September 11 they were probably seen as harmless. Since then, though, they’ve complained about being harassed by overzealous security officers who think that a train nut along a rail line taking photographs is kind of suspicious. Railfans have countered that, far from being a potential terrorist threat, they represent additional sets of eyes that could help with railroad security. So far, one railroad — BNSF — has seen it that way, and started a group, Citizens for Rail Security, that sets out the ground rules and gives you an ID you can print out; 6,000 have signed up so far. No other railroads to date have copied BNSF’s move. All this and more from a long Reuters article on foamers (yes, it uses the word), rail security, and BNSF’s group (mirrored here; reprinted in today’s Los Angeles Times).

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