Monday, December 4, 2006 at 10:31 am

CN Buys Back Savage Alberta Railway

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CN logo Things are getting awfully cyclical at CN, which is repurchasing rail lines it had previously sold off to short-line operators. Or at least in booming northern Alberta, where last January CN bought back three short lines it had previously sold. Last Friday it was announced that CN is repurchasing the Savage Alberta Railway, né Alberta RailNet, for $25 million. The short line was bought from CN in 1999, and was comprised of track between CN’s main line near Hinton, Alberta and Grande Prairie that formerly belonged to Alberta Resources Railway (later CN), and two parts of the former Northern Alberta Railways (a former joint CP/CN operation; CN bought out CP’s share in 1981) radiating out from Grande Prairie.

CN has been operating the 555-kilometre, 75-employee railway since Friday; no word yet on any accidents.

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