Friday, December 15, 2006 at 12:05 pm

Two More Model Railroad Blogs

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I can say hardly anything about MJ-blog, because it’s in Danish. But Daniel Swearingen’s Train Blog looks very interesting: a major focus is the ongoing construction of his model railroad, but he digresses into related subjects, such as a critical look at Model Railroader over a 40-year period.

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  • Hi, I am Occam, the author of

    MJ-blog is about railroads in Denmark in the year 1954. I have chosen a single year as a focus for my layout in order to cut down on the vast amount of rollings stock available.

    I have chosen 1954 because there were still lots of beautiful steam engines running at time, and because it is the year the MY locomotive from the NOHAB factory was introduced in Denmark. See pictures here:

    Looking forward to reading your blog.. 🙂