Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 10:58 am

Christmas Books

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The Skyline Limited (cover) I received a few railroad-related books for Christmas. From my father, Tony Koester’s Model Railroader’s Guide to Coal Railroading. From my significant other, Jennifer, two books on the history of British Columbia railroads: Logging by Rail: The British Columbia Story by Robert D. Turner, a history of logging railroads in B.C. (mostly on Vancouver Island); and The Skyline Limited: The Kaslo and Slocan Railway, by Turner and David S. Wilkie, the story of a line that began as an isolated narrow gauge line owned by the Great Northern and ended up as a Canadian Pacific branch line that connected to the rest of the network by rail barge. (These last two books will probably be a bit hard to get via Amazon or other booksellers, but can be had directly from the publisher, Sono Nis Press.) If all goes well, I might have reviews on these books up on this site at some point.

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