Monday, January 8, 2007 at 8:04 am

Train Surfing and the Trainrider

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“Train surfing” is the act of riding a train on its roof. It’s dangerous, it’s usually illegal, and yes, it’s pretty fucking stupid. It’s also a serious issue in some parts of the world: Brazil and South Africa come to mind, but incidents can occur more or less wherever there are trains and dumb young people ready to take themselves out of the gene pool. The Wikipedia article links to a few news stories, including this BBC article on train surfing in South Africa and this Jinx article touching on train surfing in Rio de Janeiro and New York.

But the most famous incident of train surfing nowadays seems to be “the Trainrider,” a German train surfer who has (apparently) filmed himself riding the ICE, Germany’s high-speed train:

The video claims the Trainrider died of leukemia a year later, and his stunts were a way ot seizing the day before he died; this LiveJournaller suspects, however, that that might be a hoax, citing apparent connections to the underground artist scene and just a wee bit of commercialism around it.

Via MetaFilter.

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