Monday, January 15, 2007 at 2:03 pm

Avalanche Hits CN Coal Train

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Via forwarded e-mail, news and photos of another CN accident on the same day as the Lytton derailment: an avalanche hit a CN coal train on what I gather is former BC Rail trackage in northern British Columbia. No injuries or serious issues, just an interesting situation.

The original e-mailer, unknown to me, writes: “The avalanche pushed the locomotives right off the track! Brand new ES44DC’s from GE with an advertised weight of 420,000 lbs. each.”

Don’t blame CN this time; blame the insane weather hitting British Columbia this season.

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    The irony, bringing coal to what is most likely a plant that will cause further global warming issues. Twisted, oh so twisted.

  • I can’t remember whether Tumbler Ridge coal (as I suspect this train was carrying) is metallurgical or for power plants.