Monday, January 15, 2007 at 2:40 pm

Rail Cars Break Free, Hit Train in Kentucky

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Details are sketchy at the moment because the story is still developing, but it seems that four rail cars in a CSX yard in Winchester, Kentucky somehow got loose, rolled onto the main track, and free-rolled — presumably downgrade — about 20 miles to Irvine, where they collided with a stationary CSX locomotive this morning. (Which is kind of freakish, when you think about it.) There are reports that at least one of the cars contains butyl acetate and is burning, that there is a leak, that the river is burning and/or that one of the buildings has caught fire, but these reports may yet still be proven or disproven. One local business has been evacuated; authorities are advising Irvine residents to stay indoors. AP (CNN); Louisville Courier-Journal; WKYT; WLEX.

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