Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 8:16 am

Hell of a Time for the Toilets to Break Down

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A combination of a late train, a number of passengers suffering from gastrointestinal illness, and broken toilets made for a difficult ride on the Canadian last week, the Robson Valley Times of Valemount, BC reports:

The train experienced a number of delays due to weather, several small mechanical problems, and CN freight train congestion. Some passengers also fell victim to gastrointestinal illness during their trip. The train’s water and toilet systems failed on at least one passenger car on the train due to the extreme cold. What was usually a three-day journey soon turned into four.

When the westbound train reached Kamloops, it was 30 hours behind — they put passengers on buses, segregating the sick ones. The rail cars were to be sterilized (!) after they arrived in Vancouver.

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