Monday, January 22, 2007 at 3:59 pm

The Train Project

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Tapis volant, Saint-Denis This is a project that imagines personal transportation — frequently a tapis volant (flying carpet) on which someone sits cross-legged — on disused or abandoned city rail lines: in particular, the petite ceinture surrounding Paris, but other localities are imagined as well. In most of the photos, the vehicles are inserted via Photoshop, but others are real. But make no mistake, this is an art project, not an engineering proposal: “The Train project is a speculation into the language and aesthetics of transportation, particularly those that have become so ubiquitous and unquestionable for us. By proposing different real installations which would work within active or abandoned public transport structures and a series of conceptual designs a dialogue should be raised that engages in questions about the reality and ‘real fiction’ of traffic.” Via Boing Boing; cf. Gizmodo.

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