Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 7:39 pm

Visiting Train Museums — A Roundup

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Photos from visits to various rail museums around the world, taken by divers hands.

Umejoki roundhouse Nils Ferry visited the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum in May 2005, and posted a few photos. Located in Kyoto, Japan and housed in a former train station and roundhouse, the museum first opened in 1972 and has 18 steam engines on its grounds. (If you read Japanese, here’s the main site).

Spencer, NC Former rail servicing facilities are a popular place for rail museums (for example, Steamtown). The North Carolina Transportation Museum‘s home in Spencer, North Carolina is in a former Southern Railway repair facility, complete with roundhouse. Flickr user teda0311 visited the museum last month, and posted a few photos. (Historic Traveler has an article about the museum.)

CNor #1112 As for me, I visited the Smiths Falls Railway Museum, a small museum housed in a former Canadian Northern Railway Station in Smiths Falls, Ontario, in July 2005: here are my photos (and here are Jennifer’s). It’s by no means a spectacular display — it’s no Delson, to be sure — but it’s a pleasant enough visit.

Robert and the Train (Thomas Hawk)And finally, also last month, photographer Thomas Hawk, videoblogger Robert Scoble and a couple of dozen others took a tour of the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. Robert’s video — part one, part two — is more than an hour long, and shows a good chunk of their tour: the conversation is, essentially, the product of hardcore digital photographers encountering train paraphernalia rather than hardcore railfans. Thomas’s photos are here. See also the blog entries from Robert (1, 2) and Thomas (1, 2).

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