Sunday, February 25, 2007 at 8:27 pm

News Roundup: CN Labour Agreement, English Train Crash, Amtrak Collisions

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CN and its striking conductors and yard workers reached a tentative deal yesterday, before the federal government could legislate an end to the strike (previously). The union is urging workers to return to work while the deal’s details are disseminated and voted upon.

A train accident in northern England that killed one passenger and injured 77 was likely the result of defective rail, Virgin Rail founder Sir Richard Branson said. The high-speed train was going 150 km/h at the time of the accident, which sent passenger cars down an embankment. Branson said that the new trainsets were “built like a tank” and helped minimize casualties.

Two fatal level-crossing accidents involving Amtrak trains in California last week, on Monday and Friday; in both cases the driver of the vehicle hit by the train was killed. (Thanks to Lisa Carr for the tip.)

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