Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 10:21 pm

Two More Model Railroad Blogs

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OWNR Two more model railroad blogs for future reference. The Oregon, Washington, Navigation and Railway is Kent Williams’s N-scale protolanced Pacific Northwest layout. Confessions of a Model Train Geek is another of Steve Boyko’s projects (his railfanning blog was covered here previously) and another blog that chronicles a layout’s construction.


  • Thanks for the plug!

    I have to ask – what does “protolanced” mean? I’ve heard of freelanced and prototype… I assume this is a blend of the two.

  • Not sure myself — that’s what he calls it. Probably one of two things: something akin to the “prototype freelancing” that Koester et al. have been on about in MR (i.e., an imaginary railroad held to realistic operating standards); or a prototype railroad held to freelance standards of realism (e.g. an imaginary subdivision of a real railroad).