Monday, March 12, 2007 at 4:09 pm

Grain Shippers File Major Complaint Against CN

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CN logo A change in the way CN allows grain shippers to book a guaranteed supply of grain hoppers has led an Alberta grain company, Great Northern Grain, to file a complaint against CN with the Canadian Transportation Agency (press release here and as a PDF). The complaint, which is backed by ten other grain companies including the Canadian Wheat Board, charges that CN’s new rule that cars must be booked in blocks of 100 will be devastating to small grain terminals — only 22 per cent of the grain terminals in western Canada have tracks long enough to hold 100 cars (GNG, for example, only has a 73-car track). The previous rule allowed booking in blocks of 50; the upshot, GNG complains, is that grain shippers will have to compete — and pay more — for hoppers in the general car supply.

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