Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 11:46 am

574.8 Kilometres Per Hour

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The official TGV speed record attempt took place today, the Associated Press reports (Washington Post). Via Marcel.

574.8 km/h. Or, if you prefer, 357.2 mph. Or, if you prefer, 160 m/s.

Roaring like a jet plane, with sparks flying overhead and kicking up a long trail of dust, the black-and-chrome V150 with three double-decker cars surpassed the record of 320.2 mph set in 1990 by another French train.

It fell short, however, of beating the ultimate record set by Japan’s magnetically levitated train, which hit 361 mph in 2003.

Comparing a train to a friggin’ maglev isn’t fair; you might as well throw a 737 into the mix.

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