Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 8:59 pm

Ottawa Central Railway

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OCR #1828. Photo by B. F. Goodman The railroad nearest to my location is the Ottawa Central Railway, a short line that mainly runs along the former CN Beachburg subdivision; it also has trackage rights on VIA Rail’s Ottawa-area track. Like most short lines, I imagine, it doesn’t have a web site of its own, but it does have some presence on the web. Its roster — chop-nosed MLW RS-18s, plus a single C-424, generally former CP engines — is on TrainWeb. And, curiously, recent issues of The Spareboard, the company newsletter, are available as PDF files on this site. There’s also an open house on the 28th that I’m thinking of going to. (Photo: B. F. Goodman.)

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