Friday, May 4, 2007 at 7:28 am

Ottawa Central Open House

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Cab ride lineup I mentioned in my entry on the Ottawa Central that there was an open house on April 28 that I was thinking of attending. Well, despite the rain, I decided at the last minute to go, and I have now posted my photos to Flickr.

It was set up like a temporary rail museum, with rolling stock, locomotives and MOW equipment set up along the yard and shop tracks — vintage equipment from the Bytown Railway Society plus O-Train and VIA Rail trainsets. An OCRR locomotive took people up and down Walkley Yard on cab rides (at a good clip, I thought); there was a long lineup for that. Some of the exhibits were familiar to me from the Kemptville show, but those from the rail industry had a definite focus on safety. (On a related note, security there was very tight; we were, after all, at the Ottawa Central’s World Headquarters.)

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