January 2010

NCIS: “Twilight”


Corn Snakes appear in the final episode of NCIS’s second season: first in the teaser, where the victims swerve to avoid one on the road while their assassins run it over; and second, when one wraps itself around Kate’s leg at the crime scene. Tony makes a big scene about its presence, pretending that it’s venomous and making an exaggerated attempt to unwrap it from Kate; McGee spoils Tony’s fun by IDing it as a Corn Snake and asking to hold it. Everything here is accurate: they use a real Corn Snake (though it’s obvious that a fake one was run over); Corn Snakes are found in Virginia; and holding one is the sensible thing to do — they are, after all, the most popular pet snake in the world. Though they’re not necessarily tame in the wild.

Sesame Street: “Hello, Sammy!”

There was a second Sammy the Snake on Sesame Street; whereas his 1971 appearance was an original and classic song; his reappearance in May 1988 with guest star Carol Channing, singing Hello, Sammy! — i.e., a spoof of “Hello, Dolly!” with snake- and letter-S-friendly lyrics — was, well, less memorable and more risible. (“You make me glow, Sammy / ’Cause you’re so … clammy”?)

Sesame Street: “Sammy the Snake”

It’s quite possible that Sammy the Snake was my first exposure to the idea of a snake. First broadcast in late 1971 as part of Sesame Street’s third season and presumably broadcast many times thereafter, the catchy song was also included on several Sesame Street albums, including the 1996 two disc-set Sing the Alphabet, which is still available. So I guess it’s a classic.

What, were you expecting me to point out that snakes can’t sing or something?

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