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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Correction: Women's Heptathlon

More evidence that I can't read a frigging chart. Nancy Johnson writes to point out a mistake I made in the results for the women's heptathlon (reported here). I had reported the last-place finisher as Shen Shengfei of China with 4949 points, and, yet, on the same damn page, there was a listing for Yuki Nakata of Japan with 4871 points. Sorry again, everyone.

(I should apply to be a gymnastics judge.)

Anyway, as a result of this, one point is subtracted from China's total and Japan finally enters the standings. Which means that China falls to fifth fourth place, and should not have been in the lead for some time. (And with all the newspapers reporting China in the lead -- ouch!) Greece is now the undisputed leader in the standings.

I'll update the table when I write up today's results, and that should be within the next few hours.

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  • At 10:40 PM, August 26, 2004 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    why always Chinese is victim

  • At 10:43 AM, August 27, 2004 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This is sarah from colorado~!...i wonder if you have to have some math background to be a gymnastic judge to figure out their stupid equations for style, tumbling, presentation and bonus! :P

    Great blog by the way...you should keep it goin after the olympics is done. Atleast then I will have something to laugh at while I am at work!