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Friday, August 15, 2008

Medal Nervousness

Colby Cosh in the National Post:
The medal-count panic now spreading within Canada after a week of Games has also served to teach us something about ourselves, if we should bother to introspect. We tend to think of ourselves as very soft patriots by international standards -- relaxed and rational about our reputation, convinced that other nations are very impressed with us indeed. Every single foreigner who has ever met a Canadian knows what balderdash this is: We are among the world's most hysterical nationalists. And our medal nervousness proves it. Before the Games, this newspaper printed a list of 15 projected Canadian medal winners: The number of these who have so far had a chance to win a medal and blown it is precisely zero. Yet to read the press or the Internet, or even to hang around the water cooler, one would think the sky were falling.
I shouldn't pick on my own country so much; it's just that there's so much low-hanging fruit. Are there similar examples out there from other countries? (India is usually a good candidate.)

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  • At 12:00 PM, August 15, 2008 , Anonymous Geef said...

    Most medal leader boards that I've come across, usually count golds with a higher weight, or just count golds as the determining factor for who is leading the medal count. Examples:

    Beijing 2008

    But take a look at US leader boards:


    Which way do you think they would be counting if the situation was reversed?


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