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Thursday, November 04, 2004

concerns about cox-2 class of drugs

CBC Radio reported this tonight.

Questions raised about other arthritis drugs

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  • Apropos of this, I burst out laughing when I saw an ad last night that cited concerns about new arthritis drugs (read: Vioxx) and mentioned that there was still a drug you could trust. It was for Aleve -- over-the-counter naproxen. Good old stomach-rotter!

    Posted by Blogger mcwetboy (11/04/2004 7:22 PM)  

  • Regina lawyer Tony Merchant has launched a class-action lawsuit against Pfizer over Celebrex, alleging, says the article, "cardiovascular-related side-effects, ranging from high blood pressure to heart attacks."

    Posted by Blogger mcwetboy (11/06/2004 9:50 AM)  

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