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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


In March 1998, not long after I was diagnosed, I attended a day-long seminar on living with ankylosing spondylitis at the University of Alberta's Health Sciences Centre. (As I was a U of A Ph.D. student at the time, this was fortuitous.) It was run by an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist, and consisted of a pre-seminar physical assessment, discussions, lectures on the disease and on the latest research, and practicing our assigned exercises. Then we were sent on our way and told to keep doing those exercises.

Of course, I did them sporadically at best. When I was feeling good, I didn't feel the need; when I was in pain, I didn't feel able. I'm human.

My rheumatologist, at our first meeting, recommended a course of physiotherapy. The appointment with the physiotherapist came this morning. She asked a number of routine questions. She performed a very brief, almost perfunctory, flexion exam. And, after a brief pause, she came back with a photocopied sheet of exercises, almost every one of which I recognized from my 1998 seminar.

Physiotherapy seems to consist of an intial assessment and a homework assignment. Is that it? I'm a little crestfallen.

I guess this means I should do my homework. I apparently do need to be told twice.

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  • They all do this.

    The Arthritis Society will give you a series of appointments, but each one is to follow the progress of the previous set of exercises they provided.

    I don't think anyone is going to sit with you and actually work you through all the exercises.

    (I never do my exercises.)

    Posted by Blogger rakerman (1/13/2005 6:46 AM)  

  • For some reason I thought there'd be more to it than the exercises. Not sure why.

    Posted by Blogger mcwetboy (1/13/2005 11:54 AM)  

  • My Physio did the same. Basic exam and some homework exercises. I'm trying to do them but probably only about 3 times / week.
    Also I seem to be getting mixed messages on exercising. Some want me to start an olympic training regime. Others say that my twice weekly swimming is enough ?

    Posted by Blogger bmcd77 (5/23/2005 11:26 AM)  

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