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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ray of Hope

Dear All,
I just saw the article on young 9 yr old boy suffering from AS. This urged me to post this blog.
I agree that right now it is uncurable and our future all depends on how we cope with this delibitating disorder, but i am very positive about the medical options available presently. I had recently (4 months back) undergone bilateral noncemented total hip replacement surgery. And I shd say it works , I am back to work and could move around with much less pain as i used to have. Few months back, i was suffering so much as AS had attacked my whole body right from neck to toe, that it was impossible for me to think about surviving. It was literally death in instalments , day by day , hour by hour. But with 3 doses of Anti TNF , my condition improved dramatically. Howver by that time, my both hip joints were completly damaged, and i didn't had any option other than surgery. I am glad i did the surgery, though it was a hell but the results are dramatic. Now i am exercising as much as i can to keep myself healthy.
I want to tell my freinds here, that YES - AS is hell, but it is managable. Just go for the best treatment available, and try exercising as far as possible. Also listen to your body, AS varies from person to person, rest when required and workout when u have energy. Be happy and thank the nature that atleast u can do smthing about it. I had seen Quadreplegia patients while i was in hospital, and i felt that our condition is much better. Think of the present, nobody knows about future even a normal healthy person. Then atleast we know what may happen to us because of AS, so that we r prepared. Also live life fully, just accept that we have this disprder and carry on.

(Age- 27 years)

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