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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Dear Friends,
I am a new joinee to this blog. I am coming from India. Let me tell smthing abt myself. I am recently diagnosed with AS, though it seems that AS has been active in me since last few years. When I had a flare up last month, my XRays shows that my hips (predominantly left hip ) is in very bad condition. Most of the doctors I visited suggested me to go for hip replacement to eliminate pain and limp. However I am only 25 yrs old, and not a good candidate for hip replacement. Although after the flare up was over, my hips has regained much of the range. I visted some of the best docs available in my country and they suggested that now I don't need hip replacement. Presently I am religiously taking physiotherapohy to maintain whatever range I am having. Do any of you have a similar experience? If so please let me know . As I am not sure till how much time I can postpone surgery. Presently I am on Indocap, sulphasalazine and methotraxate.
I also want to know any success stories in AS. Are there people with long history of AS and still living a contended life? I really don't want to loose confidence and will power to fight this disorder. I see it as my destiny to have this disorder. But I no longer want to crib abt it. Let us take it headalong and manage our lives to live with it ... Any positive responses from you people is welcomed.

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