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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cartilage transplant

Dear All,
Does anybody know about cartilage transplant. I read thru the following link which talks about the same :
Please let me know if you know anybody or had yourself gone thru any such procedure.
I am desperate to save my hip joints from replacement surgery and would like to try this alternate treatment if its feasible.

Anticipating replys,


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  • I have performed about 100 transplants in the knee, just starting to consider the ankle. The efficacy is 80-90%, with good patient selection- cannot have bad xrays. The hip continues to be a problem until we can develop an arthroscopic technique.

    Posted by Blogger Dr. Norm (10/09/2005 4:10 PM)  

  • Hello Dr. Norm,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I shall be glad if you can send me some information on the latest work being done in cartilage transplant for hip joint. What is the expected time frame that patients with severe cartilage damage in the hip joint can be helped by this research?


    Posted by Blogger Parag (10/21/2005 2:14 AM)  

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