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Friday, October 14, 2005

jaw pain

Has anyone experienced AS-related problems with jaw joints?
Mine is very painful.

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  • I get some clicking and stiffness that goes away when I exercise my jaw regularly. I hope that you can get some relief.

    Posted by Blogger Professor Kim (10/16/2005 1:20 PM)  

  • yeah, occassionally, my jaw starts popping uncontrollably in mid-sentence or while eating, it is usually quite painful.

    Posted by Anonymous Anonymous (5/29/2006 6:18 AM)  

  • I suffer from inflammation and pain in the left jaw joint. Sometimes it is so bad it feels like a lump in there and I am unable to chew or yawn without pain, nor move my jaw to the right. Sometimes I can't open my mouth wide enough to put a small spoon in. The only relief I get is from anti-inflammatories eg: Feldene D, but it never goes away completely. An expensive mouth splint worn for weeks has not helped at all.

    Posted by Anonymous Karen (9/05/2006 12:27 AM)  

  • Thanks so much for all the great info on this site. I was diagnosed with AS about 8 years ago, although had early symptoms at least 10 years before that which went away for a while.

    Just recently (within the last month) my jaw has become involved, and I really didn't know if it was AS related or not - but what each of you has described here makes me realize it is. I suppose I'm glad to know that - not some other random thing going on!

    Posted by Anonymous Jo (11/09/2008 11:21 AM)  

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