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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Woosnam continues to struggle with AS

Ian Woosnam's AS is continuing to cause him problems on the golf course. Some quotes: "I can't walk properly and if you can't play if you can't walk. ... I just can't get rid of it -- it's been a long time now. Just walking to the practice ground I'm knackered and after hitting 20 balls I am out of breath. ... It's like cramp and I keep going into spasm. I feel like I've got to go flat out just to swing and I'm not going to play again until I feel better. ... I wake up one day and can swing fine, but then the next I just don't have the movement." He's on anti-TNF therapy, but he's still having trouble; I wonder if his game is simply too hard on him.

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Update, May 1: He's pulled out of the Italian Open as a result of his most recent problems.

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  • I can't imagine that hitting a golf ball as hard as he used to would be good for back joints, but on the other hand the movement, walking, bending involved with golf might have meant that he would have been worse off.
    I remember seeing him play at a club in Cardiff about 20 years ago. I was amazed that he smoked, he even left a lit cigarette on the side of the green while he putted.

    Posted by Blogger Nigel Wyn (5/03/2007 10:06 AM)  

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