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Monday, January 17, 2005

Hip-replacement surgery

Treating ankylosing spondylitis usually means medication and physiotherapy. But sometimes it may mean hip-replacement surgery. When I first read about it, I thought it was the treatment of last resort. To my relief, not one of my doctors has ever mentioned it as an option -- but that might simply mean that my case is not severe enough and has not progressed enough. As a result, I'm surprised to find that at least three of the people who have written to me about this site or who've signed up here have had, are facing, or have considered hip-replacement surgery. Either they have a much worse case of AS than I do (which is quite likely given my progression to date), or the hip-replacement option is much more prevalent than I had thought.

I'm curious, so I thought I'd poll the rest of you. Have you had it done? Has your doctor recommended it? If so, how far along had the disease progressed and what other options had been exhausted before surgery was proposed?

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  • Hi,
    Doc never asked me for Hip replacement, till they saw my X-Rays last month. I never took XRays before. I really don't know my disease progression till I was really in bad shape due to pain since last few weeks. Although I havn't done hip replacement surgery, but it was suggested as an option to get relief from pain.My legs regained motion after few weeks of flare up, miraculously though, as the XRays say that I should not be able to walk. So according to my experience I think hip replacement should be kept as very very last option, especially if your age is below 40.In AS, there is a possibility of regaining motion after the flare up is over.Morever I feel ur self confidence and will power do play a important role.

    Posted by Blogger Parag (1/18/2005 5:00 AM)  

  • Hi,
    I just ran across this blog. I wanted to mention a "data collection" for those of us that have Ankylosing Spondylitis. It's nothing official just a way to "compare notes". You can access it here.

    Posted by Blogger Friend (2/12/2005 5:36 PM)  

  • Hi,

    My Mother-in-law has AS and after a recent x-ray the Dr has said she HAS to have a hip replacement. A previous Dr has said that people with AS often reject the artifical hip. Has anyone had any experience with this??

    Posted by Blogger dogie218 (10/26/2005 6:59 AM)  

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