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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the latest in vioxx/celebrex death pill news

The heart attack risk linked to Vioxx goes away after a person stops taking the drug, data from elderly Canadians shows.


Brophy's team has more good news. Celebrex — at low doses — does not appear to increase heart attack risk.

"Yes, our study suggests that low-dose Celebrex is safe," Brophy says. "This is not a randomized study, so it is not proof of safety. But within the limits of an observational study, our data provides an element of confidence that Celebrex — at least in conventional low dose of 200 milligrams per day — appears to be very safe."

On the other hand, the study confirms that Vioxx — even at a low dose — actually does increase a person's risk of heart attack.


"Very few of the Canadian patients took more than 200 milligrams per day of Celebrex — and in clinical trials, the only heart risk was seen in those taking 400-800 milligrams per day," Finckh notes. "From this study we can see that lower doses of Celebrex seem to be relatively safe. I don't think we can say anything about higher doses of Celebrex."

from CBS News rather cheerily titled Vioxx Heart Risk Goes Away February 1, 2005

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