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Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday night potpourri

So last Thursday I got stupid and decided to shovel the walk; that, plus a five-minute walk (in fresh snow) to the post office, made my sacroiliac joint just scream. It abated very rapidly, though, after a few minutes' rest. You can tell that I don't exert myself much; that's the first time I'd had such an acute (yet transitory) reaction.

Lots of web site tinkering today, including some changes to this site's sidebar: opening up the hidden links section, axing the celebrities section, changing the Atom feed to RSS (new feed URL), and generally whoring the site out some more.

I rediscovered today as well; I hadn't posted it before. There's a very infrequently updated blog, Bent Not Broken, and some other AS links. Reprinting the Mankoski Pain Scale was helpful, for example.

Via, The Spoon Theory -- it's on a web site for lupus sufferers, but it's pertinent. (The site itself is called But You Don't Look Sick -- how can that not be pertinent?) You may have heard of it before, but if you haven't, go and read it now.

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